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Lawn Maintenance

Our maintenance program includes mowing with one of our 5 lawn mowers suited for your lawn. Each lawn is mowed at 3 ½ to 6 inches in height. We edge around driveways, sidewalks and flowerbeds and weed eat around flowerbeds, fences, sprinklers, and trees without doing damage to plants or fencing. We also go around the house with a “web broom”, sweeping down eves and entry ways and pick up any debris in the lawn and finish by blowing off the driveway and all the sidewalks. We are always very careful not to blow lawn clippings into the flowerbeds, streets or down the storm drains as we practice BMP  (Best Management Practices).



Whether it’s cleaning weeds from existing landscape beds, trimming plants or removing some or all plants and reinstalling new plants for a fresh look, we do a great job. We can also help with landscape design, if you know you want a change but aren’t sure exactly what you want to change.



We install all types of mulch year round. Give your home a bright new look any time of the year. Mulch helps to keep weeds down to a minimum and keeps you from having to water as much.


Sod Replacement

If you have any damaged areas in your lawn that need repairing we can take care of that for you. We will come out and kill all the grass and weeds over a period of 2-4 weeks. We then prepare the ground for planting by removing the old ground with a sod cutter or shovel and the new grass is then laid. We recommend the customer then water the new sod 1-2 times a day until it is established. We then recommend using a lawn spray service for fertilization and to help control insects and weeds.


Irrigation Repair

Irrigation repair consists of sprinkler adjustments, sprinkler head repair or replacement and repair of broken pipes and microjets.


Tree trimming

Burton’s Lawn & Landscape can trim trees up for safety reasons and make them look nice. When trimming is complete we will clean up all debris and remove it from the property.


Storm Clean-up

No one likes seeing the devastation after a severe storm know to sweep through our area or damage sustained during a hurricane. Burton’s Lawn & Landscape will be glad to come out and clean up all the lawn debris and remove it from your property.


Fertilization Programs

We are certified to apply fetilizers to lawns, ornimentals and palms.


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