•Shrubs and annuals generally require more water than the lawn.


•Healthy lawn and shrubs can resist disease and insects easier than an unhealthy one.


•Definition of a weed is “an unwanted plant”


•Lawn mower blades should be sharpened every 2-3 cuttings. Using a dull blade causes damage and stress to the lawn.



Bahia Grass Website

Site dedicated to the Bahia Grass (Paspalum notatum) seed industry and the promotion of Bahia for turf and pasture, by Parsons & Sons, Inc., Wellborn, Florida.


Chinch Bugs in Turfgrass


Establishing Your Florida Lawn

Fact Sheet ENH-03, Florida Cooperative Extension Service, May 1991. Revised: January 2001.


Fertilization and Irrigation Needs for Florida Lawns and Landscapes

IFAS publication by L.E. Trenholm, E.F. Gilman, G. Denny and J. Bryan Unruh


Florida Lawn Handbook

Comprehensive publication by IFAS on Florida lawn selection and maintenance.


How to Calibrate Your Sprinkler System

Fact Sheet ENH 61. First published: May 1991. Revised: January 2001.


Irrigation of Lawns and Gardens

IFAS publication by L.E. Trenholm, E.F. Gilman, G. Denny and J. Bryan Unruh


Homeowners guide to lawn and landscape desease management

IFAS publication By Philip Harmon, Aaron Palmateer, and Rachel Ribbeck


Landscape Mulches

IFAS publication By Rebecca McNair



ENH 103 Mulches for the Landscape


ENH 127 Pests Associated with Mulch and Moisture


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