Andy & Rick

Owners / Operators

Rick and Andy Burton are life-long Florida residents. We have both had long careers in the pest control industry before becoming Burton’s Lawn & Landscape. We enjoy working in our own yard so much that it only made sense to go into the lawn maintenance business. We have a passion for providing top notch customer service; that just comes naturally.

Andy Burton got started in the lawn care industry as a “horticulturalist” working for Mid Florida Lawn and was given the name “The Lawn Princess” by her customers and peers in 1990. She has continued education and training in the lawn and pest control industry, sales and customer service.

Rick Burton is a former Tampa Police Department Detective and got started in the pest control industry in 1991. He has also had extensive training and education in the industry.

We have two wonderful sons, Laramine and Rick Jr. Laramine works in the family business and runs our crew and oversees all day-to-day operations. Rick Jr. is a Hillsborough County Sheriff Deputy, Army Reservist and is on the Board of Directors.

Together with all our family, we are Burton’s lawn & landscape.

Meet the “Green Team



Laramie Hubbard is our supervisor. He works hard to ensure the quality of service is above and beyond what the customer expects.


• Was once a Tampa Police Detective (and has some of the creepiest stories!).

• Has met “The Monkies”

• Once broke a mans arm that was trying to car-jack him - told you, creepy stories...

• Was a licensed private investigator.



• lives in the same house she grew up in as a child.

• Andy loves squirrels and feeds them every day.

• Her hobbies are camping and photography

• Also goes by the nickname “Lawn Princess” from her days working in the horticulture industry.

• Her favorite song is “What A Wonderful World”.



• does whatever Rick & Andy tell him...

• and again...

• and again...

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